"Helping Businesses.....Run Efficiently"

Our Client

Our client services include large companies, several smaller companies, and a growing list of firms all over the globe. They are diverse both in business areas and geographically. Our reputation for creating highly of talented work force with an established history for bringing projects in on schedule and under budget.

Following are some variable client list:-

  • Pearls Regency Restaurant & Bar. Noida, India.
  • Jico Industries. New Delhi, India.
  • Ekantawala Scales Pvt Ltd. Delhi, India.
  • SR Mehta Departmental Store. New Delhi, India.
  • RSI Industries. Jaipur, India.
  • Dire Dawa Food Complex S.Co, Ethiopia
  • Mittal textile Industries. Delhi, India.
  • Jai Bharat Gum & Chemical Ltd. Hissar, India.
  • Dyke Software Technology Pvt Ltd, Ethiopia.
  • Bayer Corporation
  • King Pharmaceuticals
  • Becton and Dickinson
  • RockPort
  • Maxtor
  • Compaq
  • British Airways
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