"Helping Businesses.....Run Efficiently"

Why ESatSolutions?

We understand that finding technical resources is easy, but finding people who are committed, reliable and value long term relationships is not, and that's where we come in. Our objective as a "Technology Implementation Partner" is to maximize the value that our clients derive from their IT investment through the use of trusted technical expertise and unmatched customer service that combine to deliver a delightful experience for our clients. Read on to find out what makes us an ideal choice for your e-business needs.

You Come First

Most companies would tell you that they value customer service, but very few have this instilled into the company culture like we do. We measure our employee performance not just by their contribution to the bottom line, but also by how satisfied their clients were. We strive to delight every single client we work with and excel at every project we work on. Contact us now to experience the difference.

Focused on What We Do Best

We don't do everything; we do few things and do them well. Technology moves fast, there are new frameworks and API's coming up every day. It is easy to find 'yes-men' especially in offshore outsourcing industry that would say yes to anything to land clients. We are very conscious of the quality we produce and hence would tell you upfront what we can and cannot do. Clear expectations and strong technical know-how are prerequisites for executing successful projects and we have got you covered. Click here to learn about our technical expertise.

Onshore-Offshore Leverage

Outsourced IT development and support models have transformed the business landscape by allowing companies like yours to dramatically lower the technology costs, accelerate TTM (time to market) and realign their primary focus on business growth. When you hire a team from ESatSolutions, you are getting access to a wealth of technical talent and proven outsourced delivery models. Our US based delivery managers work closely with you to ensure that you get the best value out of your outsourcing initiative.

Top Notch Infrastructure

Our development facility in India operates 24 hours and our USA based managers work during regular US business hours to make sure that overseas clients are well served. We provide various communication options to our clients like IM, phone, email and video conferencing to keep in touch with the teams. Security is maintained strictly though access control cards and round the clock physical security check.

Genuine Passion for Technology

We want to make sure that we are not considered another technology company on the block. Our sophisticated recruitment process ensures that we bring only those consultants and engineers on board that have a genuine passion for technology. We firmly believe that the most important ingredient driving individual performance is doing what one likes to do.

Obsession with Innovation

Innovation runs through our work culture. We are constantly coming up with ways to stimulate the minds of our workforce and spur creativity; be it the weekly idea brainstorming sessions or attendance at leading technology seminars. We build this innovation into our products and services, helping you address your toughest IT challenges. Like you, we must constantly adapt to advancements in technology. But even as our markets evolve and expand, we remain committed and focused on improving the value that IT investments can bring to your organization. At ESatSolutions, we want to help you get more - every day.